Your Old Mind New Tricks 토토베팅사이트

Truthfully, you will always struggle with some amount

of negative thinking. You can’t overcome millions of

years of evolutionary wiring through sheer willpower.

As Dr. Russ Harris says, “Any search for a ‘pain-free

existence’ is doomed to failure.”

However, you can manage the pain by being more

proactive in what you allow to remain in your thoughts.

Interrupting cluttered thinking is only part of the

process of retraining your brain and learning to

disassociate from negative thoughts. Your mind abhors

a vacuum, so you need to fill the void with

constructive thought so you don’t careen back

into old patterns 먹튀사이트.

Here are four ways to do this:

#1. Challenge the Thought and Replace It

You may notice that many of your thoughts are wildly

exaggerated. They are not the truth, or at least not the

whole truth. You might think, “I’m a loser, I can never

do anything right.” In the moment, you certainly feel

like a loser, but if you examine the thought, you

recognize that it’s not entirely truthful. You’ve done

plenty of things well and have been successful on many


Rather than allowing “all or nothing” thinking to have

a free pass, challenge these negative thoughts

whenever they occur. This simply means coming up

with a concrete example that contradicts the thought

by reminding yourself of a positive event or previous


For instance, let’s say you’re a writer who receives a

negative review on a recent book. Your first thought

might be, “I’m a terrible writer?everyone hates what I

write.” However, if you take the time to look at the 100

previous positive reviews, then you’ll recognize that the

majority of your readers love your content.

Using positive reminders might feel awkward at first,

but eventually you’ll train yourself to interrupt those

cycles of negative thinking. This habit helps you take

control of your reality and puts a roadblock in front of

the never-ending highway of self-sabotaging beliefs.

#2 Practice Acceptance

One question you might have is “what do you do about

those negative thoughts that are true?” In other words,

how do you cope in those times when there is a

legitimate reason for having negative thoughts?

The truth is that there are times when you’ll feel like

it’s impossible to maintain a positive outlook.

However, it’s also true that the thoughts and feelings

about these challenging situations are often far worse

than the situation itself.

You can’t completely eradicate your troubled thoughts

during hard times, but you can lessen them through

acceptance. When you struggle against the reality of a

bad situation, you’re adding another layer of suffering

to your psyche. You can’t worry or guilt yourself into a

solution. Instead, you need a clear head and a calm


When you find yourself struggling and ruminating,

stop for a moment and simply say, “I accept this

situation is happening.” Take a deep breath and try to

stop mentally fighting against it. As you begin to accept

this challenge, you can…

- Determine any actions to take to improve

or rectify it.

- Seek out anything positive you can learn

from it.

- Find ways to get support as you are

enduring it.

Acceptance of a situation doesn’t mean you avoid

action. It means you don’t blindly fight and claw to

escape. You put yourself in a state of mind that allows

you to take correct and useful action.


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