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What’s 토토커뮤니티 your dream?

At certain times in my life I’ve looked around and

found myself having (temporarily) achieved my goals.

Looking back on all the hardships, the obstacles, the

challenges, and even some of the negative people who’d

done their best to try to keep me down, somehow I still

did what I intended to do, and got myself where I

wanted to be.

So, what is it that drives us to try again and again, to

keep going, to keep taking just one more step even when

nothing seems to be working for us?

A dream, that’s what 먹튀검증.

Think about it. Without a dream, without a vision,

how can you know where you hope to get? Without a

dream one is only drifting.

So, what’s your dream? If it’s important to you,

then it’s worth chasing. Any champion will tell you that

a big part of life involves reaching for your dreams. It’s

what helps you move forward.

Remember what Walt Disney called Imagineering?

Use it, as you set out to create your vision. Let

Imagineering help you build the confidence that you can

get to your dream; allow yourself to be moved by the

power of your dreams. Never let anyone or anything

shove you off track or break you down once you’ve set

your course towards achieving something.

A friend of mine dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

Despite the fact that nobody in his entire extended

family had even been to college before, his immediate

goal was to get to the University of Chicago. And, once

he was there, his immediate goal was to graduate top of

his class. Once he’d done that, he adjusted his dream

again: to passing the Illinois bar exam. And once he’d

done that, to becoming one of Chicago’s top lawyers.

Even once he’d succeeded in that goal, he wasn’t finished

dreaming. He then dreamed that he could, through the

position he’d worked so hard all his life to attain, make

life better for the underprivileged kids in the area where

he’d grown up. That’s what I call positive dreaming.

So, where do you see yourself next? What’s your

vision of your future? One thing’s for sure, if you ever

hope to achieve it, you need to see it and feel it, vividly,

in your mind’s eye, and not just occasionally. Learn to

often reinforce your vision of where you hope to be in a

few years’ time-and then work towards achieving it.

It’s not only dreaming, of course, but also believing

and taking action. You’ve got to take specific steps to get

you where you want to be. Soon you’ll learn some

simple goal setting ideas that can help you transform

your dreams into reality. They’re the same ideas that

many top performers use in order to help them make

steady progress, but for now, I want you to get a clear

vision of what it is that you want to achieve for yourself.

Think about what you want to become, how you

want things to be. For a little while, you need to do some

Imagineering. Close your eyes and see yourself and

everything around you the way you want it to be.

Imagine it, feel it, see it clearly, see it vividly. Let your

spirit soar.

Decide: What’s your dream? Figure it out.

That’s your assignment.


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