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Training for Life Through Adversityin 토토사이트 Sports

Matt Balis

Director of Football Performance - Notre Dame

The game of football is just like life. When adversity hits

and you feel like you can’t continue on or that all your hard

work isn’t paying off, remember that the lessons you learn

here will apply to the rest of your life.

In Rocky 6, Rocky’s son is questioning life, saying how

unfair it is. Rocky says to him, “It’s not about how hard you

hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s

about how much you can take and not give in.”

Rocky is explaining to him that life isn’t fair for any of

us. The people that make it in life and achieve their goals are

the ones who can continue to chase their dreams and goals

despite the setbacks and challenges they face. Our society

needs men who understand this principle and will not give in

when adversity hits. As husbands and fathers, we can’t be

passive and refuse to accept responsibility for our families. We

must lead them courageously 먹튀검증. There is nothing more

important than leading your family the right way. Our children

need male role models who will lead them with courage

against adversity and who don’t give in to the temptations of


During your time here playing football, you will be

challenged in many ways. You will get injured, be sore, have

academic responsibilities to juggle. You may not get the

playing time you deserve. You will have social pressures that

come with being 18-24 years old. This is a great opportunity to

learn how to deal with all of those challenges in a positive way:

by leaning on your teammates and the positive role models in

your life.

At the conclusion of your college football experience,

you will be stronger (mentally and physically) than you could

have ever imagined. However, it will be up to you to use these

experiences when approaching your future life challenges.

Athlete Huddle

What’s an example of a time you faced adversity and

continued to press on?

Coach Huddle

What example are you setting for the young men who

look up to you?


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