Getting Moving: 먹튀검증업체 Different Paddle Strokes

Forward and Backward Strokes

Before describing specific strokes, there are several basic pointers to

always keep in mind.

  • It’s all in the torso! The rotation of your torso and shoulders

supplies the power and 먹튀사이트 reach for each stroke.

  • Maintain control of the paddle! Keeping a secure grip with the

control hand and allowing rotation in the opposite hand

maintains the effectiveness of each stroke.

  • Don’t drown the paddle! A silly statement, but it serves to point

out that the blade of the paddle should remain underwater during

the power phase of the stroke, but as close to the surface as

possible, except for particular exceptions.

For a good forward stroke, you need to insert the blade cleanly into the

water as close to the edge of the kayak as possible with the power side of

the blade at a right angle to the direction of motion. Your lower arm should

remain straight until the very end of the stroke.

Pull on the lower shaft as is it is staked into the ground and move the kayak


Use your upper hand to push against the upper part of the shaft keeping

that elbow below or just at shoulder level. By the end of the stroke, that

arm will have come across in front of your face.

With rotation of the torso, continue to bring the lower blade alongside the

boat back to your hip. The upper hand will drop down and the lower elbow

will begin to bend.

At this point, you will be simultaneously lifting the lower arm and

extending the opposite arm forward and straight to be ready for the next


The backward stroke is essentially the same thing in reverse. You do not

change your grip on the shaft of the paddle. You will rotate your torso as

much as possible to place the blade as far back as possible.

With the paddle close to the edge of the boat, draw it back through the

water as you ‘untwist’ your torso.

When the blade reaches your feet, you will begin rotating to the opposite

side to be ready to plant that blade in the water.

Remember to keep the water arm straight so you are truly transferring the

power of your core to the paddle.


Simply ceasing to paddle will not stop a kayak. Stopping it requires you to

stick the blade into the water right at your side with the blade

perpendicular to the kayak. Try to hold the paddle straight until the

resistance begins to turn the kayak. Quickly stick the paddle into the water

at the other side and repeat the procedure until you have stopped.


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